susanboyle2Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent did. The 47-year-old singer, who says she’s never been kissed, impressed the three judges of the talent competition – including the ever-cynical Simon Cowell – after waddling onto the stage in an ivory granny dress and opaque grey tights and gyrating her hips just moments before her stunning performance.

Maybe it was Ms. Boyle’s song selection of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables and the honesty of her performance, or maybe it was just my hope of seeing the underdog prove the cynics wrong, but the YouTube video had me cheering in front of my computer, and, yes, wiping away a tear or two.

I didn’t think I could be as surprised as I was when I first saw Paul Potts sing Nessun Dorma on the same show a couple years back, but Ms. Boyle, thanks for putting a smile on my face.

I hope your dreams come true!

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There are very few YouTube videos that I rewatch. Whenever I need to be inspired, there’s the spine-tingling performance of Nessun Dorma by Paul Potts of Britain’s Got Talent fame. And, when I need some cheering up, there’s always “Laughing Baby”, where (surprise!) a baby laughs hysterically as his father tears up pieces of paper. Thanks to YouTube director Kutiman (also known as Ophir Kutiel, a musican based out of Tel Aviv) I’ve got several more videos to add to my list.

Kutiel, whom I discovered through blog BoingBoing, artfully remixes a hodge podge of videos from vocalists, instrumentalists, and other artists into what can only be called works of audio art. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but Kutiman’s blend of seemingly unrelated bits and pieces into a single cohesive song seems representative of the power of YouTube (and technology in general) to connect people who have never met, to bridge the gap between languages and cultures to make something new and beautiful. You decide. The video up top is titled “Just a Lady”, one of my favorites from Kutiman’s collection.

The videos aren’t just beautiful, however. Washington Post “Faster Forward” blogger Rob Pegararo states that they bring up some interesting copyright issues. Read his blog here. On a kinda sorta related note, BoingBoing also recently wrote about some economists’ call to abolish copyrights and patents.

Read more about Kutiel and his interview with NPR’s Michelle Block here.

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