In addition to the California Barzam in July, one of the things facing us 3Ls after graduation is that small slip of paper that stuck us with a ginormous amount of debt that we will probably be paying off for the next, oh, bajillion years or so.

True, we have more options now with income-based repayment, and loan forgiveness for those of us entering public service jobs, but that doesn’t make the debt monster any less scary, especially when the countdown clock to when the debt monster needs to feed starts the minute we flip our tassels.

Right now, I’m watching the Boyfriend – who took the July 2011 California Barzam – watch the calendar as he scours job postings for any available district attorney job in California. With each day that passes, that date when loan payments must start comes closer and closer, even though an actual, paying job is literally and figuratively miles and miles away.


There is some comfort, however, knowing that law students are not alone in their struggle with student debt. Apparently, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Miami International University of Art and Design is almost as costly as a law school edumucation. Grad Franchesca Leigh Ramsey owed more than $100,000 in student loan debt by the time she finished her studies there.

But rather than blog about her fears and frustrations, she channeled Beyonce.

I would generally agree that dancing and singing to Ms. B does have cathartic value.

But where girls may run the world in The Fierce Ms. B’s version of it, debt will probably run mine and many other graduates’ post-grad world for the foreseeable future.

Yup. That means bills, bills, bills.

Video via Good, based on “Countdown” by Beyonce

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How do I stay happy in law school? Coffee, the Boyfriend, Turbo Kickboxing, Zumba, Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Castle, and videos like this one.

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After a three-hour Contracts final, I am officially done with my first year of law school! Wooohooo! Feeling good does not even begin to describe it!

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I come across awesome stuff like this little vid all the time in class during breaks from my arduous, Red Bull-infused study marathons, so I figure I should at least share some of the awesomeness with you.

Also, I haven’t been posting here as often as I would like, but look for posts sometime soon about the Blawgirl’s experience in her law school’s 1L Oral Advocacy (Moot Court) Competition, her plans for summer, and her thoughts on the close of her 1L year!

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jacksonblytheIt’s been a sad week for the music world.

By now, all of you have heard of Michael Jackson’s passing. And by now, you’ve heard the media weigh in on his impact on the world of music and his status as an icon, for which he’s been grouped with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

He broke the color barrier on MTV. He reinvigorated the ailing music business of the ’80s. He fused motown grooves with popular music.

And who can forget that moonwalk? In the words of MJ himself: Ow! (*grabs crotch suggestively*)

Rather than dwell on what was lost, I’ve really appreciated the music critics and music stations that celebrate what was gained during Jackson’s career that spanned most of his half century here on this earth.

In fact, Jackson has been so influential, that many of his songs have found their way onto the show choir stage, which the Blawgirl performed on once upon a time. Here are a couple of her favorites that she’s found on the Interwebz:

Earth Song

It’s Got to Be Me/Scream

Renegade/ Smooth Criminal/Bad


I’ll Be There

Photo: vpasson / Flickr

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dontstopbelievingSince it was released in 1981, Journey’s power ballad “Don’t Stop Believing” hasn’t stopped making its way into the hearts and minds of believers the world around, karaoke bars and pop culture.

The song, with its opening piano riff that’s sure to draw gasps of recognition whenever its played (“Hey, that’s Journey!” see Family Guy video below), has appeared on shows like The Sopranos and in movies like The Wedding Singer.

The most recent television incarnation is in the new Fox show Glee, a show about a ragtag group of high schoolers in show choir. (Deep dark secret No. 2: The Blawgirl did show choir all four years of high school.)

After watching the pilot for the show and reminiscing about my own high school show choir in all its sequined glory, I decided to compile a list of my favorite videos that feature the memorable song.

Four chords, millions of songs!

If you learn the chord progression for “Don’t Stop Believing” you too can be a songwriter and make a bajillion songwriter dollars. Just kidding. It takes a lot more than four chords to write an enduring song. Or does it?

Because I’m Asian …

I had to include a karaoke version. So, here ya go.

Don’t stop your screaming

A parody from the College Humor.

Family Guy does Journey

Sing it Cleveland! Giggity!

PS22 Chorus living just to find emotion

I just love how these kids sing with such feeling.

Obama voters believe!

This is a video taken from the streets after Pres. Obama’s election in November. The optimism and the joy in this vid makes me smile.

Rock of Ages rocks the Tonys

The cast of the musical Rock of Ages performs during the 2009 Tony Awards.

Sing it with glee!

And here’s the scene from Glee that gave me gooselumps and had me missing sequins, pancake makeup, hairspray and painful character shoes.

Photo: photographer10 / Flickr

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You’ve heard that music has the ability to tame even the wildest beast. But can it have the opposite effect? If the music in question is death metal, then, yupperooni.

It can turn the sweetest cockatoo into a headbanging mofo, and a cute little doggie into a vicious, i’ll-eat-your-face hell hound.

Check out the videos! Embedding has been disabled in the second video, so the link takes you to YouTube. (via BoingBoing)


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cutetacoThe Blawgirl crawls the Interwebz to find steals and deals for the frugal law student and the competitive bargain shopper. Find a new Frugal Finds 11:30 (ish) p.m. PST every Monday through Saturday! Also, each post is updated as I come across items. You’re welcome.

Gadgets and Gear:


Odds and Ends:

  • Say ‘no’ to drugs, say ‘yes’ to tacos. At Del Taco restaurants, buy one Crispy Fish Taco and get a second for free with this printable coupon. Deal ends June 9. (via DealNews) On a side note, there are some awesome taco songs on YouTube besides South Park’s “Taco-flavored Kisses”. Check it.

Backstreet Taco

Techno Taco

Folksy Taco

Cute Taco

Anime Taco

Country Taco

Taco Pachel-Bell

Culturally-insensitive, yet still LOL-worthy Taco

Photo: Yo Mostro / Flickr

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