eternalmoonwalk2It’s kinda hard to fathom just how popular Michael Jackson was – and is – around the world, but the website Eternal Moonwalk gives you a smidgen of an idea.

Fans the world over submitted short video clips of themselves, their babies, friends, family and even their pets doing Jackson’s signature move.

The videos play in a neverending stream over the first few measures of “Billie Jean”, with MJ starting off the moonwalk wave as fan after fan moonwalks into the screen.

If you’ve had enough tears or almost-teary moments from MJ’s memorial, the site shows just how many lives the late performer touched by celebrating his legacy in a fun way.

But the site isn’t without its sad moments. In one video, a guy does the moonwalk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right across MJ’s star. Tear.

It was hard to stop watching. Here’s the site if you want to check it out for yourself!

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