3370291997_3e96b89486I was expecting it. People on law school boards were saying that only about 100 applicants out of more than 2,000 were getting offers to attend. I turned in my application a little later in the cycle. I didn’t receive anything in the mail inviting me to Admitted Students’ Day. No follow-up emails. No calls. No fat envelopes. No quirky musical montage. Things were not looking up.

Still, I was a little disappointed when I received that skinny envelope from the fledgling U.C. Irvine School of Law last week. I did not get the golden ticket, the free law school education that was promised to any member of the school’s inagural class. I would not get to be an anteater. Twas a sad day in Julie-ville.

Then, yesterday I read on The Shark blawg that Dean Erwin Chemerinsky’s grand expedition into the law school yonder had turned away 2,740 other students who were hoping to hitch their wagon to the new California law school. And I realized that it may have been a sad day in many other people’s villes as well.

In the spirit of reject solidarity, I offer you, the other 2,740 of my brothers and sisters in reject-dom, this.

Despite the fact that we’re not going to be going to their totally awesome school (which they themselves acknowledge is totally awesome and is almost as awesome as Harvard and Yale), we can make our peace with the fact that we will not be endowed with awesomeness. How can we accomplish this awesome feat, you ask? By learning how totally not-that-awesome U.C. Irvine’s mascot, the anteater, is:

Random Anteater Facts

  • The name anteater usually refers to the Giant Anteater but is also applied to the aardvark, the numbat, the echidna, and the pangolin. Together with the sloths, these animals comprise the order Pilosa. All these animals are known to eat ants and termites.
  • The tongue of the Giant Anteater is over 2 feet long. (via www.randomfacts.org)
  • Giant anteaters walk with a slow shuffle on all four legs with their nose pointed to the ground. The anteater does not walk on its paws. Instead, with the claws curled up into the paws, it walks on its “fists.”
  • Giant anteaters have no teeth but a specialized tongue that allows them to eat up to 30,000 ants and termites each day.
  • An adult female giant anteater gives birth to a single baby (twins are rare) while in a standing position, propped up by her strong tail.
  • The giant anteater’s main enemies are jaguars and pumas
  • The  giant anteater has been around for 25 million years (via www.sandiegozoo.org)

OK. Well, maybe they are kinda cool. And I have to admit that they can also be kinda cute. Here’s “Anteater eating a creamsicle”.

Here’s one called “Stewie walks on two legs”.

And I leave you with “Baby Anteaters”.

With cute, almost anything can be forgiven. Even a law school rejection. Sigh.

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bunnysadThe picture just seems to get bleaker and bleaker for those of us who have yet to hear from the U.C. Irvine School of Law. Apparently, the first admitted students day for the new California law school was held Friday, April 3, and students on the Top Law Schools forum stated that 61 students were in attendance. Forum poster scantronix stated, however, that “a bunch” of the students were uncommitted.

Poster LawApp2012, who states that they went to the Friday reception for admitted students, said the school has admitted 109 students, 38 students have committed, 10 people have declined offers, leaving only 22 spots of the budgeted 60 slots for the school’s inaugural class. Hence, the sad, sad bunny picture. See, UC Irvine, you made the bunny sad.

LawApp2012 also stated:

“Dean Ortiz confirmed that (the school) will honor the admission offers to everyone who accepts even if it exceeds 60. Overall, the ASD was really inspiring and reaffirmed my decision to go to UCI.”

Scantronix, another user, followed up with a post stating that the committed students number 40, as a couple of students committed during the reception. Overall, scantronix says, the California’s newest law school made a strong showing.

“ASD was mostly meeting faculty and learning about the school and curriculum. It was really inspiring and I can’t stress how nice everyone was. That mattered to me a lot. It’s the most overtly social thing I’ve done in awhile. Also they fed us. OC legal community turned out in force, which was also very interesting. After ASD, I’d personally be surprised if they didn’t fill the class but as of leaving, there were 20 spots left. “

According to scantronix, the reception went about 11 hours.

Follow the conversation here.

Also checked the Facebook group U.C. Irvine School of Law Inaugural Class, and membership is at 31 students.

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Yes, law school and the subject matter taught in it can be less droll and more “LOL!” At least as depicted by the members of The Libel Show at the University of Virginity School of Law. The show, which is similar to the New York University School of Law’s Law Revue, is:

“an annual theatrical production which has been humoring the Law School since 1908 (making us the longest running student organization on campus).  Each year the Show lampoons our professors and life at the Law School through a variety of impersonations, song parodies, and skits. The Libel Show’s mission is to do everything within its power to help the Law School community enjoy raucous laughter.” (UVA’s Web site)

Above the Law posted a couple of preview videos from NYU’s 2009 Law Revue, and The Libel Show wanted in on the publicity action. They wrote ATL with a link to a video from last year that plays a bit like an odd mix of the Beastie Boys and the Backstreet Boys. A representative for UVA states that “in terms of humor … (the video) kicks the crap out of NYU’s Law Revue”.

UVA gets extra points from me for comparing a treatise by Chemerinsky (as in Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the new U.C. Irvine School of Law) to a thick booty.

“Excuse me! You don’t know what you do to me. Your booty triggers strict scrutiny. Fatal in-fact back that everyone can see. It’s thicker than a treatise by Chemerinsky.”

But ATL hits the nail on the head when they state its tough to get over “the resemblance between that one Con Luv Boy and Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

If you haven’t already, watch the vid up top, and watch the South Park-inspired vid below from NYU to come to your own conclusions:

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117048243_7cc6bb0b87Whilst poking around Facebook today, I came across a closed group called the UC Irvine School of Law Founding Class, which currently lists 26 members.

I’ve written previously on UC Irvine and how folks have speculated about their admissions, and the number seems pretty close to what has been discussed. Check it out for yourself!

By the way, I hate my mailbox. And chances are about 2,400 people who applied to UC Irvine are also learning to hate their mailboxes while waiting to hear back from California’s newest public law school.

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According to a note by Dean Erwin Chemerinsky published March 9, the school received 2,500 applications from applicants vying for 60 spots in the the UC Irvine School of Law’s inaugural class. In a “Visions of Change” note, which can be found on the law school’s Web site, Chemerinsky states:

“The admissions process for the founding class continues. We have received more than 2,500 applications for the 60 slots in the first-year class. This is the best ratio of applications to slots, an obvious measure of selectivity, of any law school in the country. We have admitted a number of students, received acceptances from some, and are continuing to process a large number of applications. By every measure, the applicants are tremendously impressive and we will succeed in our goal of having an outstanding entering class of students.”

I discuss some of the glawsip regarding how many of those slots may be open here.

Chemerinsky also discusses the hiring of two new professors: Christopher Leslie, a tenured professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law who specializes in contract law and antitrust law, and Tony Reese, a chaired professor at the University of Texas Law School who specializes in intellectual property law.

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I’m not one to put too much weight on things found on message boards, but, according to students posting in a forum at the Top Law Schools Web site, the UC Irvine School of Law has admitted about 83 students and is waiting to see who turns in their intent to register by the April 15 deadline before they send out another wave of admits. User lifelesslived stated, “FWIW, at least 83 have been accepted,” in a message dated March 3.

It looks like that estimate was derived from a mailing list sent out to admitted students regarding a meet and greet held in Bison Bay Cafe in Newport Beach at the beginning of March.

Post luncheon (which looks like it took place March 8), user scantronix said (on the DL, because he/she doesn’t know if it’s confidential information. We won’t tell!) that 21 students have accepted the law school’s offer:

“I went to the UC Irvine luncheon today in Newport Beach. I heard 31 admits had submitted their intent to register. Edit: someone just told me that I’m wrong about the number and it is actually lower (21), sorry about that. person also mentioned that this might be confidential information? I’m not sure why they would confirm this but not other questions that were asked. Hope I didn’t say something I’m not supposed to!”

This is all just glawsip (law gossip, get it?), but the news is a little disheartening for me. I sent in my application in a little later because I was working on the extra “Why UC Irvine?” essay the school required in addition to the standard personal statement. Now it seems, despite the March first deadline, that an ideal class may have already been assembled from the super-early applicant pool. Crap.

This could probably explain why there has been no decision activity since Feb. 2 for UC Irvine at Law School Numbers, which lists about 173 registered users who applied to the school.

So, what does this all mean? Maybe nothing. But Top Law School users have hypothesized the numbers mean relatively few admits after the April 15 intent to register deadline. Boo.

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117048243_7cc6bb0b87According to the American Bar Association Journal, law school applications in general are up 2 percent this year, but the increase at some schools is as high as 8 percent states the Wall Street Journal. The ABA article, citing the WSJ, states that top tier schools like Yale Law School, the University of Texas School of Law and Cornell University Law School have all increased their applicant pool despite these trying times.

Read the article here.

Here’s another article from the National Law Journal that discusses the recent increase, with a focus on the UC Irvine School of Law.

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Not a single student has sat in a single chair at the University of California Irvine School of Law, but the fledgling law school – the first public California law school in 40 years – is already sitting pretty in the top 10 rankings of schools for their faculty’s scholarly impact.

Ranked No. 10 by Brian Leiter’s Law School Rankings for 2005 through 2008, Irvine beat out the law schools at Northwestern University and the University of California, Los Angeles for a spot in the rankings, which are based on a study that was conducted in February.

The study weighed the school’s “scholarly impact”, which was measured by citations of the faculty members during the past four years. For the purposes of the study, Leiter assumes that UC Irvine will hire professors who are as prolific as the founding faculty. He also excludes Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean at the law school.

“Given Dean Chemerinsky’s very high citation count … to simply add his cite count to the currently small number of faculty would produce highly misleading results.”

Read the study here.

Thumbnail photo: Okinawa Soba / Flickr. It’s an Asian woman reading a newspaper. It makes sense to me: an Asian girl who likes her some news.

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