Like Clark Kent and that Super Fella.


Also: We’re down to the home stretch, folks! Four finals down, one to go! After my Contracts final tomorrow, I officially will be done with my first year in law school and getting ready for Cambodia! Confetti!!!

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If people tell you that law school work is a piece of cake, they’re lying. There’s reading. Tons and tons of reading.

But Teenie Me says she’s got it down. She read the first week’s worth of homework over the weekend.

Yeah. She’s a gunner.

Teenie Me is super ambitious. On the first day of orientation at The Blawgirl’s law school, the dean of students stated that there could be only one No. 1 student. Yup. Law school is kind of like Highlander, only without the kilts and big ass swords.

Teenie Me aims to be that student and has already threatened The Blawgirl, stating that she will hide case books toward finals.

The photo at the left was taken last week, even before the The Blawgirl had gotten her mile high stack of casebooks and supplements.

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teenieme_tobyTeenie me is like me only smaller. Much, much smaller.

In all other regards, we are strikingly similar.

We both wear glasses on occasion. We both have an affinity for messenger-type, cross-shoulder bags. We both love ginormous dogs. We both love chocolate, cheese and the TV show “Chuck”. We both think penguins – or “pengins” as Teenie calls them – have an evil, secret plan to take over the world.

Oh, and we both despise men who pop their collars, except European men because they can’t help it: They’re European. They come out of the womb equipped with Speedos and weird-ass shirts.

I first met Teenie Me several years ago at Anime Expo, where she was just chilling at a booth making snide remarks at all the girls dressed in Sailor Moon outfits who probably shouldn’t be wearing mini skirts and the gross amount of man boobs on display. I appreciated her candor and decided to adopt her then and there.

We’ve been inseparable ever since.

You can see where Teenie’s been so far on my Flickr photostream, and you can continue to follow her adventures here as she follows me into law school.

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