I come across awesome stuff like this little vid all the time in class during breaks from my arduous, Red Bull-infused study marathons, so I figure I should at least share some of the awesomeness with you.

Also, I haven’t been posting here as often as I would like, but look for posts sometime soon about the Blawgirl’s experience in her law school’s 1L Oral Advocacy (Moot Court) Competition, her plans for summer, and her thoughts on the close of her 1L year!

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Ha! This could be any of my first year classes! Looking at this photo, I wonder if this is what my professors see.

Photo: I Can Has Cheezburger

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whiteacre1Since my last blog post here (which got a shout-out from blawg A Reasonably Prudent Law Student (thanks!), which you should go visit. Like, now), I wrote a bit for The Shark, turned 26 years old, and have settled comfortably into the life of an over-caffeinated law student.

Oh, yeah.

And I gave in to the Facebook phenomenon that is Farmville, which passed the milestone of 1 million fans last week.

In between reading and briefing cases, I’ve been raising horses, goats, chickens and other livestock.

I’ve also had the opportunity to cultivate eggplants, strawberries, apples, oranges, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I’ve been laughed at by The Boyfriend for my faux farming, but I equate the game with one of those desktop Zen rock and sand gardens.

As those desktop gardens are aimed at making sense out of chaos by placing rocks and drawing lines in the sand in ways that are aesthetically pleasing, Farmville helps me clear my mind by allowing me to create a property, hereafter referred to as Whiteacre, which is not only nice to look at but also soothes my desire to organize and put things into order

Plus, the ducks are cute, and you get to pet them.


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yearbookjulie1Somewhere in the back of all our closets is a yearbook containing a photo that we hope will never see the light of day. Let’s call it the Bill Compton (or any other hunky vampire hearthrob, and, sorry, Edward Cullen doesn’t count) of yearbook pics.

But unlike Sexy Bill, these photos are decidely unsexy: your hair doesn’t fit in the frame, you blink at a bad time, you sneeze at a bad time, you wonder whether you left the crimping iron on in the bathroom, etc.

So why in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s green earth would you want to see what you would look like in a yearbook photo from previous decades? Because it’s hella fun!

Yearbook Yourself allows you to try on different looks from many different decades. Want to see what you’d look like with a ‘fro? Check the 1970s. Want to rock a bouffant? Try a look on from the 1960s.

Try it out, and post links to your photo albums below! It’s groovy. Also, you can check out some more of my Yearbook Yourself photos here.

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The closest I’ve ever come to going to a circus was on the frequent childhood “family trips” to Las Vegas, when my parents would hand me and my brothers $20 to go play in the arcade. Between two boys and one girl – and despite the keen money management of said little girl – the cash lasted all of 10 minutes. After that, one of our parents or other responsible adult would take us out to the Midway Stage where we would be dazzled by any number of free circus acts while sitting on sticky benches next to the warm bodies of other tourists who may or may not have showered that morning.

This probably explains why the circus I remember from my childhood smells of stale popcorn, the mysterious sticky stuff on those Midway Stage benches, cigarette smoke, McDonald’s french fries and just a touch of body odor.

This also probably explains why today I found the eau de barnyard and exhaust that greeted me as I approached the Ringling Bros. Circus train cars so refreshing.

Unlike the stale, musty odors of the circus I remember, this smelled like life, like the wonderment of youth, like the promise of childhood joy under the big top … and, yeah, like poo.

Visit my Flickr photostream to see/download the elephant photos!

UPDATE: See more video of the elephants walking here!

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eternalmoonwalk2It’s kinda hard to fathom just how popular Michael Jackson was – and is – around the world, but the website Eternal Moonwalk gives you a smidgen of an idea.

Fans the world over submitted short video clips of themselves, their babies, friends, family and even their pets doing Jackson’s signature move.

The videos play in a neverending stream over the first few measures of “Billie Jean”, with MJ starting off the moonwalk wave as fan after fan moonwalks into the screen.

If you’ve had enough tears or almost-teary moments from MJ’s memorial, the site shows just how many lives the late performer touched by celebrating his legacy in a fun way.

But the site isn’t without its sad moments. In one video, a guy does the moonwalk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right across MJ’s star. Tear.

It was hard to stop watching. Here’s the site if you want to check it out for yourself!

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jacksonblytheIt’s been a sad week for the music world.

By now, all of you have heard of Michael Jackson’s passing. And by now, you’ve heard the media weigh in on his impact on the world of music and his status as an icon, for which he’s been grouped with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

He broke the color barrier on MTV. He reinvigorated the ailing music business of the ’80s. He fused motown grooves with popular music.

And who can forget that moonwalk? In the words of MJ himself: Ow! (*grabs crotch suggestively*)

Rather than dwell on what was lost, I’ve really appreciated the music critics and music stations that celebrate what was gained during Jackson’s career that spanned most of his half century here on this earth.

In fact, Jackson has been so influential, that many of his songs have found their way onto the show choir stage, which the Blawgirl performed on once upon a time. Here are a couple of her favorites that she’s found on the Interwebz:

Earth Song

It’s Got to Be Me/Scream

Renegade/ Smooth Criminal/Bad


I’ll Be There

Photo: vpasson / Flickr

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You’ve heard that music has the ability to tame even the wildest beast. But can it have the opposite effect? If the music in question is death metal, then, yupperooni.

It can turn the sweetest cockatoo into a headbanging mofo, and a cute little doggie into a vicious, i’ll-eat-your-face hell hound.

Check out the videos! Embedding has been disabled in the second video, so the link takes you to YouTube. (via BoingBoing)


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fireflylegosSeveral weeks ago, before this blawg was born, I sent in a vocal recording to the Sending a Wave podcast, a program for fans of the Firefly television series by Buffy creator and geek god Joss Whedon. The podcast had teamed up with Browncoats: Redemption, a fan film for charity, to host a contest to find the voice of Redemption, the ship in the movie.

I didn’t really expect too much; I just thought that it would be fun to send in an audition and it would give me an excuse to play around with GarageBand on my MacBook. But yesterday I discovered that I was one of five finalists! Confetti!

In retrospect, and after listening to the clip I sent in, I think I might have taken the prompt to sound matter of fact “while still sounding cute” a little too seriously, as my voice sounds more anime and all-too-American than austere and all-knowing. These are the times that I wish I were a Brit … or French. *Le-Sigh*

You can listen to the other awesome contestants here, and vote for your favorite in the poll in the sidebar.

Photo: Dunechaser / Flickr

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cutetacoThe Blawgirl crawls the Interwebz to find steals and deals for the frugal law student and the competitive bargain shopper. Find a new Frugal Finds 11:30 (ish) p.m. PST every Monday through Saturday! Also, each post is updated as I come across items. You’re welcome.

Gadgets and Gear:


Odds and Ends:

  • Say ‘no’ to drugs, say ‘yes’ to tacos. At Del Taco restaurants, buy one Crispy Fish Taco and get a second for free with this printable coupon. Deal ends June 9. (via DealNews) On a side note, there are some awesome taco songs on YouTube besides South Park’s “Taco-flavored Kisses”. Check it.

Backstreet Taco

Techno Taco

Folksy Taco

Cute Taco

Anime Taco

Country Taco

Taco Pachel-Bell

Culturally-insensitive, yet still LOL-worthy Taco

Photo: Yo Mostro / Flickr

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