dontstopbelievingSince it was released in 1981, Journey’s power ballad “Don’t Stop Believing” hasn’t stopped making its way into the hearts and minds of believers the world around, karaoke bars and pop culture.

The song, with its opening piano riff that’s sure to draw gasps of recognition whenever its played (“Hey, that’s Journey!” see Family Guy video below), has appeared on shows like The Sopranos and in movies like The Wedding Singer.

The most recent television incarnation is in the new Fox show Glee, a show about a ragtag group of high schoolers in show choir. (Deep dark secret No. 2: The Blawgirl did show choir all four years of high school.)

After watching the pilot for the show and reminiscing about my own high school show choir in all its sequined glory, I decided to compile a list of my favorite videos that feature the memorable song.

Four chords, millions of songs!

If you learn the chord progression for “Don’t Stop Believing” you too can be a songwriter and make a bajillion songwriter dollars. Just kidding. It takes a lot more than four chords to write an enduring song. Or does it?

Because I’m Asian …

I had to include a karaoke version. So, here ya go.

Don’t stop your screaming

A parody from the College Humor.

Family Guy does Journey

Sing it Cleveland! Giggity!

PS22 Chorus living just to find emotion

I just love how these kids sing with such feeling.

Obama voters believe!

This is a video taken from the streets after Pres. Obama’s election in November. The optimism and the joy in this vid makes me smile.

Rock of Ages rocks the Tonys

The cast of the musical Rock of Ages performs during the 2009 Tony Awards.

Sing it with glee!

And here’s the scene from Glee that gave me gooselumps and had me missing sequins, pancake makeup, hairspray and painful character shoes.

Photo: photographer10 / Flickr

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Deep Dark Secret: In which the Blawgirl reveals sordid details about her life and innermost thoughts.


If you’ve read this blawg in the past, you’ll know that the Blawgirl, besides referring to herself in the third person on occasion, loves her some cute. Which is why I was thrilled, to say the least, when the White House finally announced that Pres. Barack Obama had made good on his promise to his daughters and had adopted Bo, hereafter referred to as the First Dog of the United States of America, or FDOTUS.

I was equally thrilled when I discovered that, besides posting candid shots of the president at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the White House’s Flickr photostream also showed photos of the FDOTUS intereacting with Mr. Obama and White House staffers. Here are the Blawgirl’s favorite photos of Bo so far!

Bo being friendly with a staffer:


Bo checking out his new office:


And here’s one that, according to Fox News, shows the president bowing to the FDOTUS. The Blawgirl thinks he’s just stooping over to give him a bellyrub:


Photos: The Official White House Photostream / Flickr

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