One of my favorite places in the world to go is the local 99 Cents Only store. Weird, I know, but, if you’re creative, you can whip up a meal (with leftovers to spare!) with less than $10. Big Lots, which carries a wider selection of frozen food items than 99 Cents Only, is also another option for inexpensive food items. If you need some inspiration for cheap eats recipes (while you wait for me to post some of my recipes, of course!), I recommend visiting The 99 Cent Chef blog. One great tip I found there is that your local ethnic super markets, like 99 Ranch or Bestway, carry great deals on meats and seafood that you won’t find at the larger national chains like Albertson’s or Ralphs.

If you’re still a little hesitant to go the super discounted food route, British import Fresh & Easy may be an option. Since most of the foods are fresh (and easy!), they can only be on the shelves for a limited amount of time. When the foods near their expiration dates, they go on sale at steep discounts, sometimes more than 50 percent off! Look for the red labels. There are daily sales, but try learning your local market’s sale patterns so you know when you’ll get the best deals and the other deal seekers don’t beat you to the good stuff. The chain also offers 98 cent produce packs of bell peppers, apples, etc. on a daily basis.

Watch this blawg in the future for recipes made with food purchased from these stores!

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