fireflylegosSeveral weeks ago, before this blawg was born, I sent in a vocal recording to the Sending a Wave podcast, a program for fans of the Firefly television series by Buffy creator and geek god Joss Whedon. The podcast had teamed up with Browncoats: Redemption, a fan film for charity, to host a contest to find the voice of Redemption, the ship in the movie.

I didn’t really expect too much; I just thought that it would be fun to send in an audition and it would give me an excuse to play around with GarageBand on my MacBook. But yesterday I discovered that I was one of five finalists! Confetti!

In retrospect, and after listening to the clip I sent in, I think I might have taken the prompt to sound matter of fact “while still sounding cute” a little too seriously, as my voice sounds more anime and all-too-American than austere and all-knowing. These are the times that I wish I were a Brit … or French. *Le-Sigh*

You can listen to the other awesome contestants here, and vote for your favorite in the poll in the sidebar.

Photo: Dunechaser / Flickr

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Nerds and geeks now have their own balladeer. Songstress Marian Call released “Got to Fly”, an album commissioned by Quantum Mechanix Inc., in November. And though the music is friendly for non-citizens of the nerd and geek nation, the album contains special winks for those who speak geek. There’s the song “Vera Flew the Coop”, after mercenary Jayne Cobb’s weapon of choice, and “In the Black”, a nod to the slang for “space” in “Firefly”. The album can be purchased from iTunes. You can also check out Call’s Web site for other sites where you can buy the album.

You can follow Call on Twitter at @mariancall.

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Being a fan of the short-lived but much loved science fiction space-western television series “Firefly”, I was incredibly excited to learn that fans, known as Browncoats, will be making a movie set in the world of Firefly. What got me even more excited was the opportunity to audition for the voice of the ship. I sent my MP3 in earlier this month, and hopefully will hear something by the end of April or May! The proceeds for the movie will go toward charities that “Firefly” creator Joss Whedon supports, including Equality Now and Kids Need to Read, and will hopefully pave the way for a sequel to the Firefly movie “Serenity.” Follow the progress of the movie @browncoatsmovie.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, you are missing out! Watch it at Hulu, where it was recently voted on as the show that most people would bring back if they could.

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