The consensus on the Interwebz seems to be that student loan debt is nearing a crisis, and could possibly be the next “bubble” to burst.

For 3Ls like me, and for recent grads (If you’ll recall, one Miami International University of Art and Design student channeled Beyonce in singing about her worries), we don’t need news reports and diagrams telling us that we are dangerously treading through the doodoo of debt with each step we take during law school.

But just in case the student loan debt news hasn’t gotten to you, here’s a nifty graphic from the Healthcare Administration that could put it in perspective.

Exposing the Student Loan Racket in America

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In addition to the California Barzam in July, one of the things facing us 3Ls after graduation is that small slip of paper that stuck us with a ginormous amount of debt that we will probably be paying off for the next, oh, bajillion years or so.

True, we have more options now with income-based repayment, and loan forgiveness for those of us entering public service jobs, but that doesn’t make the debt monster any less scary, especially when the countdown clock to when the debt monster needs to feed starts the minute we flip our tassels.

Right now, I’m watching the Boyfriend – who took the July 2011 California Barzam – watch the calendar as he scours job postings for any available district attorney job in California. With each day that passes, that date when loan payments must start comes closer and closer, even though an actual, paying job is literally and figuratively miles and miles away.


There is some comfort, however, knowing that law students are not alone in their struggle with student debt. Apparently, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Miami International University of Art and Design is almost as costly as a law school edumucation. Grad Franchesca Leigh Ramsey owed more than $100,000 in student loan debt by the time she finished her studies there.

But rather than blog about her fears and frustrations, she channeled Beyonce.

I would generally agree that dancing and singing to Ms. B does have cathartic value.

But where girls may run the world in The Fierce Ms. B’s version of it, debt will probably run mine and many other graduates’ post-grad world for the foreseeable future.

Yup. That means bills, bills, bills.

Video via Good, based on “Countdown” by Beyonce

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My head is fuzzy. My temples are throbbing more painfully than Fabio’s parts in those books of his. And I have facts, objections and numbers dancing through my head. It was a kitchen knife! Relevance! Improper character evidence! 403! 404! 609!

For me, this could mean only one thing: preparation for this semester’s off-campus mock trial competition has begun.

Since I had the opportunity to compete earlier this year during my 2L Spring semester and to see the Boyfriend kill it during his own mock trial competitions, I thought and hoped that this semester things would come much more easily. That I would be less Legally Blonde (during the first part of the movie) and more My Cousin Vinny (during the second half of the movie, of course).

I’m a third year. I should totally have about two-thirds the skills of practicing attorneys, right?

No such luck, nerds. I have not become some slick courtroom savant over the summer, nor have all the Federal Rules of Evidence planted themselves conveniently in my head.

Nope. I still have to labor over how exactly to order questions in my direct examination, and how to cross examine a witness with the ease exhibited by our trial coaches, who dance around witnesses as gracefully as Fred Astaire and as lethally as Muhammad Ali.

Still, despite my fuzzy brain and the even fuzzier points of the Federal Rules of Evidence, mock trial has been one of my favorite parts of law school. Despite the hard work required to cure me of my ignorance on some topics, and the time taken away from watching my K-Dramas, I love, love, love it!

Let the trials begin!

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What it’s like to be a short girl in a suit … - How I see myself - How most people see me

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Wow. Has it really been three months since my last post? Whoops. My bad. I really should feel guilty about updating as infrequently as I do, but sometimes life happens. In my case, the second I got home from Cambodia, I was off to Canada for a week-long trip to Vancouver, then to Las Vegas for a weekend with my family before school started. And before I even had the time to get used to the idea of casebooks and case briefing again, I was back at school reading the texts for Comparative Law, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Federal Income Taxation, and Civil Rights Law.

This blog post finds me in the middle of the fall semester. I’ve just completed Evidence midterms and the in-house competition for the school’s mock trial honor board. And I am happy to report nothing but good things for both: I did pretty well in Evidence and made the mock trial team! Hurrah and extra confetti!

Now, I’m going to concentrate all my energies on my Civil Rights Law brief, which is due in several weeks time, and outlining for the rest of my classes.

And I promise I’ll get back to you too, little bloggy poo. We’re not dead. Yet.


After a three-hour Contracts final, I am officially done with my first year of law school! Wooohooo! Feeling good does not even begin to describe it!

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