In addition to the California Barzam in July, one of the things facing us 3Ls after graduation is that small slip of paper that stuck us with a ginormous amount of debt that we will probably be paying off for the next, oh, bajillion years or so.

True, we have more options now with income-based repayment, and loan forgiveness for those of us entering public service jobs, but that doesn’t make the debt monster any less scary, especially when the countdown clock to when the debt monster needs to feed starts the minute we flip our tassels.

Right now, I’m watching the Boyfriend – who took the July 2011 California Barzam – watch the calendar as he scours job postings for any available district attorney job in California. With each day that passes, that date when loan payments must start comes closer and closer, even though an actual, paying job is literally and figuratively miles and miles away.


There is some comfort, however, knowing that law students are not alone in their struggle with student debt. Apparently, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Miami International University of Art and Design is almost as costly as a law school edumucation. Grad Franchesca Leigh Ramsey owed more than $100,000 in student loan debt by the time she finished her studies there.

But rather than blog about her fears and frustrations, she channeled Beyonce.

I would generally agree that dancing and singing to Ms. B does have cathartic value.

But where girls may run the world in The Fierce Ms. B’s version of it, debt will probably run mine and many other graduates’ post-grad world for the foreseeable future.

Yup. That means bills, bills, bills.

Video via Good, based on “Countdown” by Beyonce

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3 Responses to Law students v. bills, bills, bills

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  2. Franchesca says:

    Thanks for posting my video! My debt isn’t all from my BFA, it’s mostly from the half of an acting degree I got from University of Michigan. *le sigh* my finance is in his final year of law school (he’s on full scholarship) so I feel your pain when it comes to looking for a job. this market is tough for lawyers right now, but hopefully he (and you!) can find something soon. best of luck and thanks again!

  3. julieanneines says:

    @Franchesca: Thanks for making a great video :) Good luck to your dude on his job search and on the Bar Exam next year! Love your other vids, especially the puppy ones, btw!