How do I stay happy in law school? Coffee, the Boyfriend, Turbo Kickboxing, Zumba, Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Castle, and videos like this one.

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Wow. Has it really been three months since my last post? Whoops. My bad. I really should feel guilty about updating as infrequently as I do, but sometimes life happens. In my case, the second I got home from Cambodia, I was off to Canada for a week-long trip to Vancouver, then to Las Vegas for a weekend with my family before school started. And before I even had the time to get used to the idea of casebooks and case briefing again, I was back at school reading the texts for Comparative Law, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Federal Income Taxation, and Civil Rights Law.

This blog post finds me in the middle of the fall semester. I’ve just completed Evidence midterms and the in-house competition for the school’s mock trial honor board. And I am happy to report nothing but good things for both: I did pretty well in Evidence and made the mock trial team! Hurrah and extra confetti!

Now, I’m going to concentrate all my energies on my Civil Rights Law brief, which is due in several weeks time, and outlining for the rest of my classes.

And I promise I’ll get back to you too, little bloggy poo. We’re not dead. Yet.