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5 Responses to In which the Blawgirl sings

  1. idwsj says:

    I like it. Catchy!!! Also, I have a soft spot for the piano.

  2. I really like your melody! I wish I had gotten that good on piano, that I could write my own stuff (I played for 8 years and pretty much always sucked, and still do). Kudos to you for trying to keep up with it while in school!

  3. julieanneines says:

    i was really nervous about posting, since the only people who have heard me sing are family, the crickets around my apartment, and the kids at the school next door! thanks for the comments :) super appreciated!

  4. TDot says:

    I was going to write “I like it!”… but then I realized idwsj already said the same thing and I didn’t want to be redundant :)

    So instead: it sounds really good! And I like it! 😉

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