funny-pictures-cat-pays-you-for-the-dogYou can take the Blawgirl out of journalism, but you can’t take the journalism out of the Blawgirl.

You can, however, bury said journalistic spirit under a pile of Civil Procedure, Torts, Criminal Law, Property and Contracts reading, and see if (a) she has the fortitude to crawl out from under it, or (b) if she will just collapse in a sad, weepy, un-groomed mess under all that weight.

Fortunately, I fall into the former category (for now), and have been able to read news stories on a daily basis from my handy dandy Google Reader.

What’s great about reading a lot of the stories I come across is that they sometimes set off little law school light bulbs in my head, reminding me of things I’ve read or that were discussed in my law school classes.

As such, I’ve decided to share these stories with y’all from time to time under the title “Hypos in the Headlines”. It may (and I use “may” loosely) even get me to post more often.

First up? CivPro!

The CLASS: Civil Procedure II

The BOOK: Dukeminier

The TOPIC: Chapter 8, Resolution Without Trial

WHADDA ABOUT IT? Right now, we’re discussing how adverse parties rarely make it to trial and instead find some other way to resolve their differences. One option is through settlement, where the plaintiffs agree to dismiss a lawsuit in exchange for something else: money, silence, first-born children, etc.

In the HEADLINES: Dating site eHarmony came under lots of fire more than two years ago for discriminating against gays, lesbians and bisexuals by failing to provide same-sex dating services. Recently, the site ended a class-action lawsuit with gays and lesbians in California agreeing to pay half a million dollars and make its website more “welcoming” to seekers of same-sex matches, according to the L.A. Now Blog of the L.A. Times.

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I am currently living on a law school budget, and, as such, my furniture and technology choices are often restricted to what I can find at WalMart, Target, the local Goodwill, or generous donations from the Parentals. That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a lovely piece or appliance when I happen to see one. Like this television set, for example.

Just look at it!


Too frakkin’ cute!

Via Gizmodo

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Beavis_and_Butt-headOne thing I’ve noticed since starting law school is that when there is something even remotely funny in a case or in what a law professor says, I laugh out loud, snicker, or, at the very least, giggle on the inside.

This phenomenon had me giggling whenever I came across the words “duty” and “penal”. And you can imagine the party in my head when I read about a faulty bunghole in Torts.

What can I say. You take your laughs where you can find them when you’re a coffee-guzzling, grade-obsessing, sometimes sleep-deprived law school first year.

Second semester hasn’t changed this at all.

Based on the facts contained in a memo that we drafted last semester about the misappropriation of a trade secret, me and my fellow 1Ls now must draft a settlement letter offering the other side a reasonable settlement deal.

First thing that popped into my head?

And when we were discussing proximate cause relating to a second injury caused by a weakened condition from a prior injury in Torts, I couldn’t help but remember this scene, also from Austin Powers.

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worklolcatAfter three weeks of relaxing, I returned to the not-so-relaxing life of a 1L student on Monday. Call me crazy, but it felt good to be back. Prior to my return, grades had been posted, and I had outlined a plan of attack for the second semester of my 1L year.

So, unlike the first day of classes last semester, I know now what to expect and what needs to be done in order to succeed.

In addition to Property, Civil Procedure, Torts, Legal Research and Writing, and Contracts, we will also be taking Criminal Law this semester. CivPro and LRW have been reduced to 2-unit classes, but I have a feeling that doesn’t help much in terms of my workload. Whatevs. I got through my first 1L semester, I can make it through my second one! Bring it on!

New semester, new year :)

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Photo 11You may (or may not) have noticed my absence from this blawg in the past couple weeks since I took my last final. That’s because the minute I uploaded my final test of the semester I checked out of neurotic law student in finals mode and checked into Blawgirl on vacay mode.

And while other 1Ls from other law schools constantly checked their grades over the course of the winter break, the folks over at Chapman Law have decided to wait until after the spring semester starts to release our grades.

So, for the week remaining on my vacation, I will be blissfully unaware of my inadequacies as a law student and simply assume that I got by because people, including the teller at my local gas station, family members, and some online tarot card reading thing, have reassured me that I probably did OK.

Their guesses are as good as mine.

Early on during the winter break I questioned my school’s decision to wait to release our grades, but over the course of the break, especially during Christmas week, I was glad to not have the weight of failure hanging around my neck. As such, I was able to – wait for it – actually have fun.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Winter Break Week One

  • Bought a fake Christmas tree at Target and decorated it with The Boyfriend the Friday of my Property final. We also ate a celebratory dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, a Lebanese place called Papa Hassan’s.
  • Hiked the Hermit Falls and Sturtevant Falls trails with The Boyfriend.
  • Bought Christmas presents, wrapped them and decorated them with flowers from Dollar Tree. Scroll to the end of the post to see the finished presents and my tree!
  • Celebrated Christmas Eve with my family. This Christmas, I thought it would be fun to do a hot cocoa bar. For the bar, I brought a Crock-Pot full of hot cocoa and a bunch of things that people could stir into their cups. They could choose from either a candycane or cinnamon stick as a stirrer, then add red and green marshmallows, butterscotch chips, mini chocolate chips, red sugar, green sugar, caramel syrup and whipped cream on top. Sadly, no actual alcohol in the cocoa bar in consideration of my younger cousins and nephews and nieces. Played Christmas songs on the piano. With the decorative present wrapping and the cocoa bar, I was feeling very Martha Stewart-y.
  • Celebrated Christmas day with The Boyfriend’s family. Day two of the hot cocoa bar! Loved watching The Boyfriend’s nephews and nieces open their presents. Taught The Boyfriend how to sword fight for the stage using a pair of squishy swords his nephew received (Little known Blawgirl fact: I played Abraham in a high school production of Romeo and Juliet; dude dropped out three weeks before the start of the play, and I volunteered because I wanted to play with swords). Watched for 15 minutes as The Boyfriend and his cousin re-enacted scenes from 300.
  • Had a dinner date and a movie with several of my cousins. We watched Avatar in 3-D and ate dinner at Felix Continental Cafe, a lovely Cuban place by my house.
  • Finished The Gargoyle, a novel by Andrew Davidson. Interesting story, with a bunch of lovely love stories woven in.

Winter Break Week Two

  • Visited the Huntington Library with The Boyfriend. Leave it to us to go on the only frakkin’ day it decides to rain in Southern California. Day before the trip: bright and shiny. Day after the trip: even brighter and shinier. Day of the trip: rain, rain and more rain. Eff you, rain gods. Still, had a lovely time walking around the main house.
  • Finished and loved The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I was a bit skeptical about the book when it was recommended to me by a friend. First off, the book was in the young adults section next to Twilight. Second, I was looking for something light and fluffy, and not a book about a dystopian North America where the government has gone so evil that it forces people to watch a reality show that’s a mix between Survivor, American Idol and America’s Next Top Model, where only one person out of 24 could walk out alive. Oh yeah, and the people fighting to death? Children who are anywhere from 12 to 18 years old. It turns out, however, that this was the book I was looking for. I’ve moved on to the next book in the series, Catching Fire.
  • Celebrated New Year’s Eve with The Boyfriend’s family.

Week Three of Winter Break

  • Updated my blog.
  • Getting over a stupid cold. Tried to flying crescent kick the cold in the balls by nomming on some Tom Yum Kai, a spicy Thai soup, but no luck yet.
  • Possible 5-mile trail run that I haven’t done in ages.
  • Paintballing on Thursday!
  • Actually looking forward to the start of the new semester.

Don’t let me down, 2010!


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