So here we are, kids. I am a little less than 24 hours away from taking my first law school final. It’s been a heck of a ride, and I know that it will only get harder from here. I also know, however, that it will get a bit more tolerable once I know what is expected of me during these exams. Still, that is little comfort when tomorrow’s Torts exam determines 95 percent of my grade for the semester. And the professors are required to curve the grades, which means you are graded against your fellow class members. Gulp.

But seeing where I’ve been also makes me feel a smidgen of accomplishment. If you’re a fellow 1L, you should be proud of yourself too!

Number of pages read in Torts:


Number of pages read in Civil Procedure:


Number of pages read in Property:


Number of pages read in Contracts:


Number of LRW memos written:


Number of pages written for memo No. 1:


Number of pages written for memo No. 2:


Number of cases read for memo No. 1:


Number of cases read for memo No. 2:


Number of supplements consulted:


Number of pages in outlines:

Super secret

Number of times I’ve used FML in a status update:

0 (hurrah!)

For serious, kids. There are starving babies in Africa. And something called medical school, which is super hard if you believe Grey’s Anatomy. It’s called perspective.

For some more perspective on finals at my law school, check out this column!

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4 Responses to By the Numbers: 1L Fall Semester

  1. idwsj says:


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  3. TDot says:

    Hope that exam went well! 😀

    And I’m totally going to borrow this theme for an entry this week, I like it :)

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