Ha! This could be any of my first year classes! Looking at this photo, I wonder if this is what my professors see.

Photo: I Can Has Cheezburger

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It’s hard to believe it, but I am at the halfway point of my first law school semester. Theoretically, I should be half as stressed as I would be during the final in December, but that is, sadly, not the case.

Why? One word: Midterms.

I really shouldn’t be. Of my five classes, the LRW memo “midterm” is 25 percent of the final grade and the Torts multiple choice midterm amounts to just 5 percent of the final grade. However, the fact that finals is just under two months away is not helping me sleep any better.

Despite the stress, we 1Ls still find things to laugh about, like this morning before the Torts midterm.

After going over the written instructions, the test proctor asked if anyone else had any other questions.

Student No. 1: Um. I’m not sure if this is a problem, but I’m not ‘Frank’ and Frank’s name is listed under the name on the Scantron.

Proctor: Oh. Yeah. That might be a problem.

Student No. 2 (a female): My name is also not Frank, and it’s on the Scantron.

Proctor: Anyone else named Frank?

(One more student raised his hand.)

The whole incident was really not a big deal, but it gave the class a teensy chuckle. Also, in retrospect, and after seeing the content of the entire episode written down, it’s really not that funny and probably would not be funny to an outside audience.

Just another testament to how law school is slowly chipping away at my sense of humor, I guess.

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The Shark: Bad blogger, good law student

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One day searching the web on a whim
I found the presence of law limericks quite slim
So here’s one I penned
Read it in depth, or instead
Read it like your case books and skim


Some would say negligence is bland
For others it’s hard to understand
But it’s not so opa-ic
And almost algebraic
When guided by one learned hand

Photo: Brisbane Falling / Flickr (It’s an apple tort)

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