whiteacre1Since my last blog post here (which got a shout-out from blawg A Reasonably Prudent Law Student (thanks!), which you should go visit. Like, now), I wrote a bit for The Shark, turned 26 years old, and have settled comfortably into the life of an over-caffeinated law student.

Oh, yeah.

And I gave in to the Facebook phenomenon that is Farmville, which passed the milestone of 1 million fans last week.

In between reading and briefing cases, I’ve been raising horses, goats, chickens and other livestock.

I’ve also had the opportunity to cultivate eggplants, strawberries, apples, oranges, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I’ve been laughed at by The Boyfriend for my faux farming, but I equate the game with one of those desktop Zen rock and sand gardens.

As those desktop gardens are aimed at making sense out of chaos by placing rocks and drawing lines in the sand in ways that are aesthetically pleasing, Farmville helps me clear my mind by allowing me to create a property, hereafter referred to as Whiteacre, which is not only nice to look at but also soothes my desire to organize and put things into order

Plus, the ducks are cute, and you get to pet them.


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