jacksonblytheIt’s been a sad week for the music world.

By now, all of you have heard of Michael Jackson’s passing. And by now, you’ve heard the media weigh in on his impact on the world of music and his status as an icon, for which he’s been grouped with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

He broke the color barrier on MTV. He reinvigorated the ailing music business of the ’80s. He fused motown grooves with popular music.

And who can forget that moonwalk? In the words of MJ himself: Ow! (*grabs crotch suggestively*)

Rather than dwell on what was lost, I’ve really appreciated the music critics and music stations that celebrate what was gained during Jackson’s career that spanned most of his half century here on this earth.

In fact, Jackson has been so influential, that many of his songs have found their way onto the show choir stage, which the Blawgirl performed on once upon a time. Here are a couple of her favorites that she’s found on the Interwebz:

Earth Song

It’s Got to Be Me/Scream

Renegade/ Smooth Criminal/Bad


I’ll Be There

Photo: vpasson / Flickr

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2 Responses to Diversions: Show choirs sing Michael Jackson songs. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, do, re, mi!

  1. idwsj says:

    I even played the Moonwalker video game on Sega! I loved that the super weapon to destroy all baddies was a high-powered dance step.

  2. julieanneines says:

    I almost forgot about that game!!! Of course, I had to look it up on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBmy9c-Ag7E&feature=related :)