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I’ve written before about all the wonderful lessons on frugality we can learn from those who lived through the hard economic times of the past. Which is why I was delighted to find YouTube show “Great Depression Cooking” hosted by 91-year-old Clara. Clara recreates recipes she learned as a child living through the Great Depression and intersperses her lessons with interesting tidbits (other than ‘It was depressing’) about what it was like to live at the time.

Many of the meals found at her YouTube channel are carb heavy – pasta, potatoes, rice – and when meat is incorporated into the meals it comes either in the form of hotdogs or really thin steaks. I’m pretty sure the foods don’t sound too healthy for all of you used to shopping at Whole Paycheck, but, dudes, she’s 91-years-old and can still cook without burning the house down in the literal sense. Sister sure does in the figurative sense though as her recipes are a breeze.

Last week, I tried cooking the ‘pasta with peas’ recipe she depicts in her first show. Preparation was a snap: throw everything in a pan, fry it up, add water and let it boil. In addition to the pasta, peas, potatoes and onions she recommends, I also threw in some leftover rotisserie chicken from Costco. After everything cooked down, I spooned some onto a plate and sprinkled some parmesan cheese onto it, and, by golly, it wasn’t bad. Even though there wasn’t any cream at all in the mix, the starch from the pasta and the potatoes gave a nice “creamy” texture to the hearty dish, which tasted like chicken pot pie. It was a hug for the tummy, and I could see myself making it while in law school where the civil procedure books don’t hug back.

If you haven’t clicked on the links above yet, be sure to check out this recipe and others at Clara’s YouTube channel.

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