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  • Blood was its Avatar and its seal—the redness and the horror of blood. We’re all going to die! Not really. But I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of the Swine Flu outbreak (beginning of the zombie apocalypse?) that has the world on alert. I’m also sure that you’ve seen all those people wearing those masks in the airports or at your local parks. Turns out, you can outfit your whole family with the latest Summer 2009 fashion for the thrifty, non-cough inducing price of 99 cents per person. All you have to do is run down to your local 99 Cents Only store, where you can find different varieties of the flu fighter. If you want to make a fashion statement and price is not a concern, you can always try getting a fancier mask from I particularly liked this plague mask from Black Orchid Designs. Scroll down to the end of this article for a video of Vincent Price in “The Mask of the Red Death”, based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe.

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  • Free Mexi-Keane song. The free single of the week from iTunes, “Nada”, comes from Zoe, a band from Mexico with Britpop and psychedelic influences. I can definitely hear the Britpop in this single, which I first thought was a new song from Keane. Mexi-Keane anyone?

Odds and Ends:

  • $100 kitchen machine. has the Morphy Richards Food Fusion Kitchen Machine for $99.99 (List: $329.99). This bad boy combines a blender, food processor and mixer into one handy dandy machine. But wait! There’s more! You also get free shipping. (via DealNews)
  • Help a firefighter’s family, buy ice cream. Today from 5 to 10 p.m., participating Baskin-Robbins locations will have ice cream scoops for 31 cents each as part of its annual event to honor the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. At the end of this promotion, Baskin-Robbins will donate $100,000 to the foundation, which assists the families of fallen firefighters and provides training to current firefighters to prevent deaths in the line of duty. (via DealNews)
  • Starbucks Coffee Deals. has compiled an awesome list of deals that can be had at Starbucks. These include coffee upgrades, discounts and coupons. Check it out!

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