2074541981_dcabd8b006One of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” (aka “torture”) described in the memos released late last week by the Obama administration is the practice of waterboarding, a technique from the medieval ages that simulates the sensation of drowning.

Flickr user Legofesto has recreated a waterboarding scene, and other all-too-familiar scenes from the Iraq war, using Legos. Is Legofesto making light of some of the darker periods of this nation’s history? I doubt it. Rather, I think the medium used, typically associated with children, is the artist’s effort to contrast innocence with brutality. Or something like that. Discuss.

Check out the rest of his collection here. (via BoingBoing)

In other news, check out the coverage of the debate between former Bush administration legal adviser John Yoo and a couple of his Chapman University School of Law colleagues regarding Presidential Power and Success in Times of Crisis here.

Photo: Legofesto / Flickr


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