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I’ll let y’all in on a secret. The Blawgirl loves her some Broadway musicals. Well, that’s not the secret. The secret is that you can get into local musical shows and other events for up to 50 percent off the ticket price by using a Web site I happened across called Goldstar Events.

Basically, the site has established relationships with 3,200 ticket suppliers across the U.S. in order to help them fill seats at shows. Because of these relationships, event people get a full house at their event, and you, the theater enthusiast, get a nice big discount off the seat the person next to you paid double for. I think that deserves some confetti!

I’ve already used the site several times in the past few years. I used it to book two shows when the Boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas, and to book two shows put on by a local theater company. All four times we got almost half price for some pretty darn good seats. With the money saved, we were able to go out for dinner, or save up for another event.

All you have to do to get similar deals is sign up on the Goldstar Events Web site (for free!), and you have access to their database of available events in Southern California, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, the D.C. Metro area, New York, Boston and Las Vegas. You make your purchase online, print up the order/ticket confirmation, present the print-out at will call, then stroll into the venue with an air of superiority because you are in on the secret of cheap seats. Ha.

If musical theater isn’t your thing, the site also has discounts to spa therapy sessions, sporting events, singles mixers, etc. And if none of those things are your thing, you can also purchase event tickets as a gift, like I did for my mum for Mother’s Day one year.

If you don’t enjoy a particular show or event, you can then post a review that other members can look at and rate. You can also rest easy knowing that you didn’t pay full price for the thing! And for that, Goldstar Events earns a gold star in my book.

Disclaimer: The Blawgirl has not been sponsored by Goldstar Events. She just happens to be one of their satisfied customers. However, if the Blawgirl ever does write an advertorial, a story that has been paid for by a sponsoring company, she will specify so at the start of the post.Thanks for reading, and see you on Monday!

Photo: Goldstar Events

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