2540591196_0d289a6a67The Blawgirl loves her a good chuckle (and referring to herself in the third person, apparently). And she also loves the clever things people do on April Fools’ Day. Here are what some pranksters have been doing around the world.

  • A man and his emus. My favorite prank so far today has come from the dean of the University of Texas School of Law (via blawg Above the Law). Dean Lawrence Sager wrote an email to his students stating that he would be resigning his position at the law school in order to pursue his first love: raising emus. Sager writes:

“Some of my finest hours have been spent cantering across the Texas plains on the back of an Emu. They are stately, resplendent, Brobdingnagian birds, capable of carrying a man at full gallop the length of 30 hectares on a single hogshead of millet seed.”

UPDATE: According to Above the Law, the dean states that he did not write the letter, but he finds it very funny.

  • All your CADIE are belong to us. Google releases CADIE, Internet-based artificial intelligence that has assumed control of the Google company and its goods and services. The setup is pretty elaborate, with CADIE, depicted as a boxy panda, developing her own YouTube page and blog.

  • Twitter is the future. The UK’s Guardian newspaper published a story stating that it would go Twitter only.
  • Scary clowns. Gizmodo.com has tons of scary clowns (that’s right. Clowns are effin’ scary) and appears to have been hacked.
  • Be a Princess of Mars for only $99! Expedia.com is offering flights to Mars!
  • New album from NIN. New NIN album ‘Strobe Light’ produced by Timbaland in Strobe-tastic, drum machine awesomeness. Posted by @trent_reznor on his Twitter page. The album is not free, mind you. It costs $18.98 plus a $10 digital convenience fee.
  • The last Fark-tier. Fark will introduce a new social network beginning April 2 that looks eerily like some other social 2563657083_8c5764514bnetwork, I can’t remember which.
  • How much kyute is too much? A new breed of pet called the puppycat premiers on dogster.com.
  • Disney park trifecta in So Cal. Orange County Metblogs broke news this morning about a third Disney theme park slated for Southern California (because the second one was sooo successful) that will be similar to Japan’s DisneySea. The Orange County Register’s Around Disney blog gave me a sad by calling up Disney mucky mucks, who swiftly called hoax. The concept is not too far fetched, as the idea of a third park has been kicked about for years, the Register states.

Find a massive, ever-growing (dare I say, extreme!!) list of April Fools pranks on TechCrunch.

I’ll update this page as I find things today!

Photo: snoshuu / Flickr and bonguri / Flickr

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