117048243_7cc6bb0b87Whilst poking around Facebook today, I came across a closed group called the UC Irvine School of Law Founding Class, which currently lists 26 members.

I’ve written previously on UC Irvine and how folks have speculated about their admissions, and the number seems pretty close to what has been discussed. Check it out for yourself!

By the way, I hate my mailbox. And chances are about 2,400 people who applied to UC Irvine are also learning to hate their mailboxes while waiting to hear back from California’s newest public law school.

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505192849_88e5e78ae8The Blawgirl crawls the Interwebz to find steals and deals for the frugal law student and the competitive bargain shopper.


  • Ending today. Restaurant.com is offering a 70 percent off already-discounted, print-at-home restaurant coupons. Use coupon code ‘SAVE’. (via CheepTweets via techbargains.com)
  • Ending today. Get a factory-refurbished Brother HL-2040 Monochrome Laser Printer worth $79.99 for $30 with coupon code “RC204020” and a $30 mail-in rebate. With free shipping, you get an $80 printer for $30! Visit DealNews for the link to the rebate.
  • Ending today. Get an HP All-in-One for as little as $69. Get the HP Photosmart C5280 Q8330A, with coupon code “HPC528030” at Newegg. For more printer deals, visit DealNews.



Odds and ends:

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Gizmodo is a great technology blog that also throws in some interesting geek-related news (think Playstation, Xbox, Super Mario Bros., the Princess Leia slave girl outfit, etc.). If you’re looking for reviews for laptops or gadgets, this is a great place to get feedback.

The thing about technology, however, is that it can be pretty expensive. Gizmodo’s answer? Its daily Dealzmodo post, which lists technology, and sometimes fast food, discounts and rebates.

Here’s the latest posting: Gizmodo: Gadget deals of the day.

The site also recently listed an offer for $200 of the $999 white MacBook. You can find out about that offer here.

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funny-pictures-lolrusSo you’ve gotten into the law school of your (or your parents’) dreams, and you’ve already done the dance of joy to The Killers’ ‘Human’ (or, like in my law school admittance fantasy, to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back‘). If you’re not currently in work or in school, you’ve got four months to kill before they lock you in and throw away the key. What do you do?

In the tons of the articles I’ve read regarding the summer before your 1L semester, law school students and administrators have pretty much the same advice: relax homeslice. So, I will. But I am also of the mind that these next four months will be the stuff of fantasy (like chocolate cake that subtracts calories as you eat it … mmm) six months from now. As a result, I’ve compiled something of a 0L Bucket List: a list of things that I or other 0Ls may want to do before we take the plunge.

  1. Learn a new language. You may not achieve full proficiency (or even be able to ask for the women’s loo) before the end of the summer, but it may be fun to take a language class at your local community college. Or you can take a gander at the BBC’s Languages page, which has some snazzy interactive videos to help you learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portugese, Chinese and snippets of other tongues.
  2. Go on a trip. If the price tag for college hasn’t already sent you looking for pennies underneath your sofa cushions, and you can bring yourself to part with several C-notes, you may want to consider taking a trip. And since you’re going to law school with the hope of changing the world someday (yes, I read your personal statement), it might be fun for you to go on a volunteer vacation. There are several programs out there that recruit people for one to three week stints for projects stateside and abroad. Through GlobeAware, which offers programs to 15 countries, you can take a one week trip to Brazil for about $1400. Or you can volunteer in the good ol’ U.S. of A with the Sierra Club, which lists dozens of volunteer trips on its Web site.
  3. Read a book. If you’re a bibliophile like me, you may want to knock out a couple of those quick reads. Judging from Boyfriend’s account of law school, most of your reading in the fall is going to be dense and done either at home or in the law library, so why not take that book tote outside to the local arboretum or park? You may also want to read some law school related books, like Scott Turow’s ‘1L: The Turbulent Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School.’
  4. Spend time with the people that matter to you. Time is to law school as fabric is to a hirsute, male, thong-wearing beach goer in Brazil: There is never enough of it, and you hope it stretches out enough to cover all the, ahem, ‘material’. Which is why it is all the more important to bank as much good will as you can by scheduling outings with your friends, family and significant other, or even going on a summer trip with them before the time leech that is law school sucks all the time away.
  5. Start a blawg. You’re going to be writing a lot in law school, so why not brush up on subjects, verbs and dangling thingamajigs by starting your very own blog. It’ll get you into a daily habit of reading and writing something, and could turn into a fun little hobby when the fall rolls around. This blawg is powered by WordPress and hosted by a hosting company, but you can get a WordPress-hosted, out-of-the-box blog at WordPress.com, or at Blogger.com, for free.

Watch for future blog posts on the 0L Bucket List!

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twistorismallBy now, most of you have heard of Twitter, the micro-blogging service where you write what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. If not, you’ve been hiding with fellow luddites under a rock somewhere, or in North Korea, or under a rock somewhere in North Korea.

I, personally, am a fan of the site, and was delighted when I came across Twistori. The site pulls tweets, individual posts from Twitter, with the words love, hate, believe, feel and wish, and posts them in a beautiful stream of love, hate, beliefs, feelings and wishes. It’s Twitter as art (twart?).

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Maybe, maybe not. But a technology blog reported that Wyoming County District Attorney George Skumanick dangled the threat of prosecution in front of boys who had been swapping photos of their classmates via text messaging, or ‘sexting’, the practice of trading risque text messages that may even include nekkid photos. Dood. Kids in my day traded Yu-Gi-Oh cards or pogs.

Julian Sanchez of the Ars Technica blog writes:

“In a letter sent to parents in February, Skumanick declared that both the boys caught swapping the photos and the girls who’d been photographed would have to submit to a reeducation program or risk being charged with a felony.”

Rather than take that risk, parents agreed to the program, but some other parents, after seeing the photos, didn’t think the images of their daughters clad in white bras were really all that pornographic. The ACLU agreed and, you guessed it, lawsuit!

“In a lawsuit filed Wednesday on behalf of the mothers of the three girls, the civil liberties group argues that photos merely showing minors in their underwear or topless so clearly fall outside the statutory definition of “pornography” that Skumanick could not possibly have any “reasonable expectation of obtaining a conviction.” Rather, the mothers charge that Skumanick is using a frivolous threat of prosecution to bully parents into accepting his childrearing “assistance.” The plaintiffs are asking a federal district court to issue declaratory ruling that the photos are protected speech, not obscenity, and to enjoin Skumanick’s threats as a violation of their parental rights.”

Read the more about the fun legal stuff in the article here!

UPDATE (3/31): A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order that prevents the prosecutor from charging the students as child pornographers. Read the article by Ars Technica’s Julian Sanchez here.

One of the local rags, The Orange County Register, recently published an article about a local incident of sexting. In this case, a middle-schooler sexted nekkid photos of herself to at least one friend, and somehow that photo made its way to, like, 10 people. Never in a million years could I have predicted that would happen.

According to the Register’s Jaimee Lynn Fletcher, the group of students who circulated the photos were punished with in-house suspensions, where they attended school but could not go to classes.

Here’s a rule of thumb, people. Never ever send, post, Twitter, etc. a photo of yourself that you would not want shown on national television, to a future spouse, or to a future boss. Somebody somewhere is going to find it and your goodies will be out there one way or the other for all the world to see.

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cute-puppy-pictures-outta-tumbledryerWhether you’re dealing with the stress of applying to law school or the nail-biting of waiting for admissions (or, boo, rejections), I am of the mind that looking at cute things is as good, if not better, than taking aspirin.

If you don’t know me, let me explain: I am a sucker for all things cute, with special attention paid to puppies, kittens and baby elephants.

I’m one of those annoying people who stops folks out for a stroll with their dogs just so I can pet them (the dogs, not the people). And, yes, I know they come from evil, evil puppy mills, but I can’t help but smile and play with the puppies at the local pet store.

Today more than ever there is no shortage of sources for cute on the Interwebz, which makes my fluffy-puppy-LOLcat-baby-heffalump loving heart glad. LOLcats have their LOLs, and all’s right with the world. If you want to join me on this cute odyssey, here are a few places to start your search:

  • Cute Things Falling Asleep. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. This site is a collection of videos from around the Interwebz, mostly YouTube so far, of puppies, kitties, penguins, babies, elephants, etc., falling asleep and looking oh-so-adorable doing so.
  • Cute Overload. An overload of mind-exploding and heart-bursting cuteness.
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger. LOLcat central. If you haven’t been exposed to the wonder that is a LOLcat (a cat photo with a caption written in LOLspeak) this is a good introduction. And if you’re not familiar with LOLspeak, the site also offers a handy primer and a link to the LOLspeak wiki.
  • I Has A Hotdog. The sister site to I Can Haz Cheezburger, this site has photos of dogs and puppies, or “goggies”, captioned in the LOLcat style.
  • The Cute Project. A site with the laudable goal of collecting all the world’s cuteness in one place. World peace, one kyute at a time.

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According to a note by Dean Erwin Chemerinsky published March 9, the school received 2,500 applications from applicants vying for 60 spots in the the UC Irvine School of Law’s inaugural class. In a “Visions of Change” note, which can be found on the law school’s Web site, Chemerinsky states:

“The admissions process for the founding class continues. We have received more than 2,500 applications for the 60 slots in the first-year class. This is the best ratio of applications to slots, an obvious measure of selectivity, of any law school in the country. We have admitted a number of students, received acceptances from some, and are continuing to process a large number of applications. By every measure, the applicants are tremendously impressive and we will succeed in our goal of having an outstanding entering class of students.”

I discuss some of the glawsip regarding how many of those slots may be open here.

Chemerinsky also discusses the hiring of two new professors: Christopher Leslie, a tenured professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law who specializes in contract law and antitrust law, and Tony Reese, a chaired professor at the University of Texas Law School who specializes in intellectual property law.

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I’m not one to put too much weight on things found on message boards, but, according to students posting in a forum at the Top Law Schools Web site, the UC Irvine School of Law has admitted about 83 students and is waiting to see who turns in their intent to register by the April 15 deadline before they send out another wave of admits. User lifelesslived stated, “FWIW, at least 83 have been accepted,” in a message dated March 3.

It looks like that estimate was derived from a mailing list sent out to admitted students regarding a meet and greet held in Bison Bay Cafe in Newport Beach at the beginning of March.

Post luncheon (which looks like it took place March 8), user scantronix said (on the DL, because he/she doesn’t know if it’s confidential information. We won’t tell!) that 21 students have accepted the law school’s offer:

“I went to the UC Irvine luncheon today in Newport Beach. I heard 31 admits had submitted their intent to register. Edit: someone just told me that I’m wrong about the number and it is actually lower (21), sorry about that. person also mentioned that this might be confidential information? I’m not sure why they would confirm this but not other questions that were asked. Hope I didn’t say something I’m not supposed to!”

This is all just glawsip (law gossip, get it?), but the news is a little disheartening for me. I sent in my application in a little later because I was working on the extra “Why UC Irvine?” essay the school required in addition to the standard personal statement. Now it seems, despite the March first deadline, that an ideal class may have already been assembled from the super-early applicant pool. Crap.

This could probably explain why there has been no decision activity since Feb. 2 for UC Irvine at Law School Numbers, which lists about 173 registered users who applied to the school.

So, what does this all mean? Maybe nothing. But Top Law School users have hypothesized the numbers mean relatively few admits after the April 15 intent to register deadline. Boo.

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Nerds and geeks now have their own balladeer. Songstress Marian Call released “Got to Fly”, an album commissioned by Quantum Mechanix Inc., in November. And though the music is friendly for non-citizens of the nerd and geek nation, the album contains special winks for those who speak geek. There’s the song “Vera Flew the Coop”, after mercenary Jayne Cobb’s weapon of choice, and “In the Black”, a nod to the slang for “space” in “Firefly”. The album can be purchased from iTunes. You can also check out Call’s Web site for other sites where you can buy the album.

You can follow Call on Twitter at @mariancall.

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